Audio longer than video - how do I prevent the black/blank video screen

Oct 14, 2018

Hi team,

How do I get rid of the black segments in my Replay videos (before I publish)

Basically, the audio files are slightly longer than the videos.  I'd like the video to pause (not go black/blank) while the audio finishes.

I've attached a screen shot to help explain.



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Robin Weggeman

Storyline doesnt have a proper video editor. Therefore you have to make sure, in advance, that both have the same length. Maybe you can trim the audio a little bit?

Make your audio first, then make your video, slightly longer.

When this is not possible, make a screenshot of last bit of the video, and put the image at the end of the slide, instead of the blackscreen....

Btw, I can see no attachment with the example, hopefully im on the right side with my answer.

Good luck!

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