Captured screens will not preview

Mar 26, 2015

Hi! I have a problem with Replay on my laptop - when I capture a screen recording, I cannot preview it. When I click on play, nothing happens. I can publish the file ok, and I can open the replay file on my desktop and it previews fine there, but it just will not play on the laptop. I have just installed the latest version, and it worked ok before that. Any ideas?

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Caddi Ranyard

Hi, I am having the same issue.  I recorded the sound and video, can see that there is audio (sound trace is showing)  and the images change when I manually move the playhead but the video will not play.  I closed my PC down, restarted to see if it was a memory issue.  I reinstalled.  I started several files today and was able to work on them, editing as I went.

Obviously I cannot edit the video in Storyline.  The deadline will come and go and I cannot do it.

My work is all  on  partitioned drives,   Windows now groups all files in libraries, but I have copied them over now to the C drive - from another local drive

Any ideas would be appreciated.