imported MP4, then added audio through replay...when I publish the video is gone but audio remain

Apr 05, 2019

Building a short video with imported MP4, video only no audio. Can add an audio recording through Replay and can view both together. BUT, when I publish to MP4 the video disappears. Both *.replay and .mp4 files are saved to my local c drive. IT installed an update for storyline, ensured my laptop was up to date, we followed the instructions to uninstall & reinstall replay, then we restarted my machine (windows 10). When I publish there is no video for my mp4...but like I said the sound was there. Can you help?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, April. Thanks for the screenshot – it gave me some clues. We have a known problem with videos with larger dimensions when paired with an image on the same track. It looks like you have a few elements on Track A.

To confirm if you're experiencing this bug, let me know the dimensions of your .mp4 video and whether you've included a picture on Track A. Thanks!

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