Intergration of Articulater Presenter Output into Articulate Replay.

Please, can anybody help me to state how I can combine the features of Articulate Presenter with the features of Articulate Replay. I have done a presentation in Articulate Presenter and I want to combine some features in Articulate Replay to bring out the final presentation. How do I go about it Pls.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ola!

I'm not sure that I'm following what you would like to do. You could certainly record a screencast with Replay and import the video to use in your Presenter Project if that's what you're asking. You could also take a recording of your presenter project with Replay if you are wanting an mp4 to share with your learner and not an interactive course. 

Could you tell us a bit more about what you mean by combining the two?

ola oni

Thanks so much Leslie, Actually what I am working towards is combine the features of Articulate replay with that of presenter. The specific thing I want to achieve is a presentation with Video Recording, Screen Cast capturing, SUBTITLING, and Resources attachment. I discovered a Subtitling Feature in Articulate replay and is not available in Presenter, also Resources attachment facility is available in Presenter ant not in Articulate replay, How do I bring these features together on my prersentation ?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ola!

Sounds possible. I would advise that you use Replay for the screen recording and lower thirds and you can can check out our Replay Tutorials here.

You can then publish these videos to mp4 and insert into your Presenter project as this tutorial instructs. 

You would primarily be working in Presenter, and you could add your resources to your project as well.