Replay 360 not recognizing webcam

Dec 16, 2022

I'm trying to do a screen recording including the webcam in Replay 360, however I can't select the webcam I have connected.  All I can select is the built-in laptop webcam.   I have a Blackmagic design Atem Mini extreme connected that acts as a webcam.  All other apps such as Windows 10 Camera tool and Microsoft Teams allows me to choose the Blackmagic webcam.  I have the latest version of Replay 360 a PC that meets the specs and am running Windows 10.  How can I choose the Blackmagic webcam?

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John Morgan

Hi David,

I'm sorry your webcam isn't appearing in Replay 360! I know that can be frustrating. The first thing I'd do is try to repair Replay. Here's an article with the steps to get that done.

Replay 360: How to Fix Unexpected or Erratic Behavior

If that doesn't fix the issue, please reach out to our support team through a support case.

Thanks for reaching out!