Replay as Standalone Product?

I'm trying to figure out, without involving sales folks, whether or not I can just buy Replay without the entire Presenter suite. I already have Storyline, but it won't export screencasts - with effects - as MP4s. But from what I can tell, Replay WILL do this. But I can't find any information on pricing for Replay as a standalone product. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ola,

Replay came free with a Storyline 2 or Studio '13 license, but it's not the other way around. It sounds like you purchased Replay as a standalone product? If you have additional questions about your license you may want to connect with our Customer care team so that they can check specifics for you. 

Jeff Miller

Ashley - Due to my upgrade a couple years ago to SL2, I have my own, personal copy of Replay. My company has Studio '13, which I know included Replay. But, based on my background, they bought me a copy of SL3. Is it possible to get a download of Replay, based on the purchase of SL3, or would be have to purchase a standalone version of it?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff,

Replay wasn't included with SL3 - but do you no longer have access to the previous copy of Replay you had? If you lost the install files, you can download it again here and you'll activate again with your Replay serial number. If you lots that or are running into any issues with it, our team is happy to help! Reach out here with the information and we'll get you squared away. 

Jeff Miller

I do have access for my personal copy on my personal computer. What I was asking was for my work computer. My company never purchased SL2, so they didn't get a copy of Replay when they bought SL3, and it is my work computer I am asking about.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff! Thanks for clarifying. The good news is that you can utilize your Replay license on two computers. So, you can download it to your work machine and utilize your personal license if needed. 

If that will not work, I would reach out via the link shared by Ashley above and chat with our team more specifically about your needs. They are better with sales/licensing :)

Vincent Scoma

Hey Dee,

Thank you for reaching out and I am sorry that you are experiencing some issues activating Replay. 

I see that you are currently in touch with our Customer Care Team and it looks like Susan reached via email with some additional information. 

Please let us know if you need any additional help here! We are more than happy to help! 

Katie Riggio

Hi Doris!

I'd love to lend a hand and opened a case on your behalf so we can closely work with you and your team to locate those tools.

For those who run into a similar scenario and reach this discussion: Our Support team is available 24/7, where they're happy to check previous purchases and provide the corresponding download links. You can connect with them right here. 😊