Replay basics

Greetings, I am a first time user of Replay and am having challenges with using this program successfully. First off, the video show how using guide lines can frame what your are recording. When I do this, it does not show what I have in the frame, but rather the red borderline and the menu bar of Replay. In the video it looked so easy, but this did not work as easily for me.
Also, I noticed that there was no audio when I played the video back.
Do I have to add all of my audio into the recording using the timeline?
Thanks for your input.

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Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi, David. Thanks for sharing what you're seeing!

If the video has audio, it should play without needing to attach the audio separately, so I'm glad you reached out! I'd love to help investigate the framing and audio behaviors if you're comfortable with sharing the .replay file. You can send it privately by using this link or publicly here

In the meantime, can I confirm that you're working on a local C: drive? Working on a shared drive can cause such oddities, so I like to rule that out as the culprit!