Replay not compatible with HDR or new laptop resolutions

Mar 11, 2024

When will Replay be compatible with new laptop specs or HDR screens?
I tried reducing my scaling to 100% since the 150% recommended didn't work either. I have a brand new Win 11 Pro wide screen HDR screen laptop with an external 32" HDR external display.  Neither will record Replay videos accurately rendering this program useless on new machines and screens.  The video will not scale accurately or will error when trying to capture the window at full resolution.  I don't want to have to revive my old 9 year laptop just to do screen recordings.  Such a shame. 


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out!

We've frozen development for Replay 360 so no enhancements are currently in the works. If you're having trouble recording your screen even after reducing the scaling down to 100%, please open a case with our support team here so we can check what's happening.

Alternatively, Storyline 360 also has a screen recording feature that you can use if you need to make a quick recording of your screen. Just make sure to match the screen resolution/recording area with your slide size to get the best quality possible in the recording.

Paul Zamora

Hi Jose, 

thank you for your reply.  This is disappointing as I just re-upped with another annual license this January.  Since this is a non-functional application and you have "frozen development" will users/subscribers receive credit for this application, or at least will developer notes or communication be put out on the site letting potential customers know this application does not work with Win11 or higher-end systems?

If I would have known, as an independent consultant I would have let my client know this app does not work as it is hampering production and I have to now work with another solution at my expense.  BTW I tried the screen recorder in Storyline 360 and since it's basically the same tool, I experienced the same result.  A resolution size error or it only recording the upper left corner with the rest of the frame black no matter if I use default recording settings or custom-sized screen recording areas.  This is the same result both on my high-end laptop and my external HDR monitor. 

So no, A360 screen record does not work even if I change my display size and resolution to match or even screen zoom.  Even if it did work this would be a time consuming work around if it did work. The screen records BTW are also not "quick recordings" they are to help create system simulations.  

Is Reply being phased out?  Again, thanks for the reply.


Jose Tansengco

Hi Paul,

I understand your frustrations, especially with the application's functionality not performing as it should. I went ahead and opened a support case on your behalf so we can address your concerns about functionality, as well as your question regarding compensation/credit. Please keep an eye out for an email from our support team, and we appreciate your honest feedback regarding Replay 360.