Replay only captures part of the screen

I have tried using full screen as well as dragging the capture window to ensure that it covers the whole screen, but no matter what variations I try, it only captures the top left quadrant of the screen.   Strangely, when I took a screen shot of the Replay screen to put it into the attached Word doc, the screen shot had Replay only in the top left of the screen.  Never seen that before so I suspect it's related to the issue

I am still on the 30 day trial.

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Pierrette MacLeod

Replay behavior during screen record.  Whether we attempt full screen, or simple adjust the box around what we want to record, it saves the recording it is saving the recording in the top right corner of the Replay screen.  Leaving an L shape of black all around the video.  Even when we publish it as a video it saves does not use the full screen space.    I do not see any settings that would be causing this.  Are you able to have a look and advise what may be the issue?

Diana Howerton

Hi, I am having this problem. I am using a second monitor and it will not record in full screen even though I have my display settings set to 100%. It will not allow me to adjust the screen in any way that will set the whole thing, and I can't film on my main screen because what I'm trying to capture is too large. Any advice. It's also recording the recording window.