Replay - Rendering Issues

Apr 24, 2015

Working in Replay Update 2, I am having issues obtaining a clean render of a one channel (A)  montage project that I've created.  For instance, I have a title screen that animates using a float animation & when Replay renders that portion of the file, the text blinks or there are digital line streaks/glitches that are rendered in the output mp4.  While previewing the montage on the timeline everything looks and works great, it's only when I render the file to an mp4 that it is glitching.  Could this be related to a hardware acceleration issue or something else?  Is there a way to make Replay render slower and more precisely?  I'm using Win 7 and the file is stored locally on my C drive & is rendering to my C drive as well.  Any assistance on obtaining a clean render would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

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