Replay - Sudden Audio Attenuation Issues

Apr 24, 2015

While working in Replay (Update 2 1412 1015), I have experienced an overall audio dB decrease issue that was captured/recorded at an optimal level using Record Screen > Rec. Playback (IDT Input) on the Mic settings.  

Playback was perfectly fine for a while and then poof...the audio on all clips lowered to a whisper while I was working on crossfading multiple screen recordings in channel A only in the timeline. 

To troubleshoot: The visual display of the audio peaks and valleys are all visually the same.  I've checked everything related to audio on both my system and the program.  I went into each clip and even tried manually adjusting the Audio Volume for each screen recording & re-rendered with no results.  I checked the Replay volume slider in my Win 7 Control panel and it was maxed out.  Other system sounds are loud and the Replay file was perfectly fine until I reached some magic number where it took the liberty of reducing everything  in my file to a whisper.  

As a last resort I uninstalled and re-installed the program, clearing out the registry files using the instructions posted about "Replay experiencing unexepected and erratic behaviors." Nothing has worked.

What could explain the program suddenly applying attenuation to the overall file that is made up of several screen recordings?  Is there a way to remedy this without recreating the clips and having it possibly happen again?  Can you separate the audio files out from the screen recordings, apply a dB increase and re-insert them into the B channel?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Tamara!

Thanks for sending your Replay 360 file over to our team for review!

I'll share what my teammate, Peter, found publicly for any others who might be facing a similar issue and find this conversation:

After multiple tests, we were able to see the issue described. In Replay 360, the audio seems to get cut off on the edit points where videos transition on track A, even though track B is one long track.

We checked further and this seems to be happening only during preview. This may be caused by the project size as the bigger the file, the more computer resources it might need.

We published the project file (no changes made) and then compared it to when previewing in Replay 360 where the video output doesn't have any issues with the audio cutting off. 

I'm glad our team could help, and we're here if you have any other questions! 

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