Sound disappears in my Replay videos

Hi! I am currently editing a project in Replay. I import a .mp4 video, and the first time it plays, it's fine. The second time it plays, the sound is gone. The sound on my computer works for other projects, but the video loses sound. I've trimmed the video, and just left the video alone, and each time, when I go to replay the video in Replay, there's no sound the second go round. I've worked on projects in Replay in the past without this issue, so I have no idea what could be causing it to act up now. Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Rachel Craig

Hi, Alyssa,

I'm using Replay 1.

It is saved to my local C drive.

The video is an MP4, and plays fine on its own. The audio doesn't work in Replay. I haven't tried publishing the Replay file, since I couldn't get it to work in Replay in the first place.

I also submitted a case to Articulate Support this morning, and am waiting to hear back from them.

Kerry Williams

Hi - I am experiencing the same - I'm using Replay 360. I find if I toggle with the audio settings - moving between Automatic and Manual is sometimes makes the audio 'appear' but this is not every time and it really frustrating. Does it matter is the section is highlighted or not? I am using both A and B tracks and it will sometimes play on A but then when it switches to B the sound doesn't come through.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kerry,

I looked at Rachel's case and our Support team wasn't able to see the same issue testing her files and some other files. They did recommend using Handbrake to help ensure the files had the right encoding (here's a tutorial on how to use Handbrake). 

I'd be happy to give your file a test too - can you share it here using the "Add Attachment" button.