2nd attempt completion status not getting captured in ipad(12.1)-Successfactor LMS

Nov 16, 2018

Hi All,

My name is uttam and I working as learning specialist.Our one of the vendor developed course in storyline 360 and we are facing two major issue in ipad.

1.when i fail assessment in first attempt and pass in second attempt successfully my completion is not getting captured in LMS.I cant face this issue is chrome or IE desktop .This issue is occurring only in ipad(ios 12.1)

2.when i exit the course ,it ask me  for continue or restart . 

Can anyone help me to fix this issue or some tricks to fix



Uttam shinde


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Katie Riggio

Thanks for reaching out to the community, Uttam! I'm sorry you're hitting this snag.

I see that you're working with Christopher on our Support Team to see if we can nail down why the completion status is not getting recorded when viewing on an iPad. Would you mind sharing the .story file with us so we can try to replicate the behavior? Here's the unique, private upload link from your case

Looking forward to testing!

Uttam  Shinde

yes .actually two issues.


1.exit button (it ask everytime when i click )

2. 2nd attempt completion trigger.my completion getting captured in first attempt but not in second.

As per vendor ,they have testing this course in SCORM cloud and its working fine but it snot working on my side on ipad 12.1


They have feeling its may be because of succesfactor as  its custom assessment and its working well inc cloud for all version and ios 10.