3 quizzes in one Storyline course? Oh yeah!

For easier course assignments and tracking, we recently had a request to build a course with 3 'tracks' in it...each 'track' needed to have content specific to the discipline that the learner picked (for example: doctor, cpt, etc).  The course covered similar content with minor differences depending on the learner's discipline and, at the end, needed to test only the discipline's content, not all 3 discipline's contents.  We solved this dilemma by creating a 'decision' slide at the beginning where the learner chooses their discipline.  From that point on, the course is 'customized' for their discipline, including showing only the quiz questions that apply to their discipline.  You can view a 'bare bones' (read:  not very pretty and very little content) version of this course here.    We were pleasantly surprised at how well Storyline handled the scoring of this 3-quiz-in-one idea.  Go Storyline! 

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Jesse Kramer


Are you hosting the course in an LMS and if so are there any issues with the LMS recognizing completion status regardless of which quiz the learner has taken. I was always under the impression that you could only track based on a single quiz but I guess you get around that considering that learners are only taking one quiz and not all three.

In storyline do you have to specify which quiz the LMS should use to recognize completeness?


Brenda Heilman

Hi Jesse--

Yes, we are hosting it in an LMS (PeopleSoft ELM 9.1).  So far, there have been no scoring/completion issues.  That was one of my first concerns, but Storyline handles it perfectly...it only scores the questions that are 'displayed' for that 'track'.  So basically, it only sees the 3 questions that show up, and disregards the other 6 when computing the score percentage.  Wonderful!  I was initially thinking we would need to lower our passing percentage to like 33% or something to cover for the questions not presented/completed, but nope!  Storyline did it all on it's own!  Awesome!

There's no need to specify which 'track' to score...Storyline 'knows' because it only scores the questions that were presented/completed.

Keep in mind, it is actually only 1 quiz, but it's branched into 3 'areas'...only 1 'area' shows per discipline.  You can see that more easily by looking at the .story file. 

Brenda Heilman

Hi James--

The only issue I see in your .story example is that you have 2 results slides...I'm not sure how you would tell Storyline which result slide to score?  As far as I know, there's no way to get Storyline to 'choose' which one to use.  Maybe with some fancy java or something, who knows! 

Having 2 results slides might be an issue you'd want to test in your LMS (assuming you're using an LMS).  In my example, there is only one Results Slide.  I tried to keep the scoring issues as simple as possible using variables to determine which 'track' was taken and which questions are 'presented' instead of using 3 separate quizzes and 3 separate results slides.

Oh, and by the way...I totally flunked your quizzes!  I'm certainly not a comics genius!

Russell Bielby

Hi All--

I have a requirement for delivering a course / assessment solution that comprises of a menu used for selecting one of three quizzes. The learner has to select and complete the one (and only one) quiz that is most relevant to their job role. Their score needs to be passed to the LMS and the pass mark is 100% regardless of which quiz they selected.

I found myself doing the same as Brenda's suggestion above BUT unfortunately that meant that the score of the fourth and final results slide (Storyline's LMS publish options only allow you to select one result slide to track) that was passed back to the LMS was not an accurate reflection of the actual score achieved by the learner. Yes, it shows that the course /assessment was completed but showed that the learner achieved 33% when they actually scored 100%. I need a way of somehow being able to record/ track their actual score (on the LMS) from whichever of the 3 tracks that the learner selected.