360 Issues: Issue #2 Blurry Screen Recordings


I am having issues with my recordings being blurry. Here is the scoop:

They are records as slides, not a video 

They  look fine, until I make a change to something, example: editing the slide and removing the buttons

When viewed, they will either, look normal, then go blurry, or be blurry and then look normal. 

It doesn't seem to make a difference if it is done in view mode or try mode. I use both.

I do not believe this has to do with screen resolution, as I have tried many and it has made no difference. I make my resolution the same size as my recording screen, not full size. and like I mentioned, it will start out okay, then the slide will turn blurry, then the next slide will look fine, then when you click something, it will go blurry... for example.

This is very hard on the eyes and... horrible ... any help is appreciated!



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Patrick Serumola

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for following up on this issue. The blurriness is in preview, review 360 and the LMS. I tried recording from Edge, IE and Chrome and no difference. If you can, may be  demonstrate how to do it better, starting from setting the laptop screen, web browser settings, Articulate 360 project size etc. My project/story size is 720x405 (16:9).

I used screen recording in another project, same laptop around October -December 2019 and didn't experience these level of blurriness. Would be really great if we can get this sorted out.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Patrick!

Thank you for sharing those extra details! It sounds like the blurriness isn't coming from a specific environment. In that case, the next step is taking a look at the project. Here's a secure upload link. We'll notify you when we receive it! Our Support Engineers will take a look at your file and determine what the fix is.