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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Greg,

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful in understanding why "we're keeping an eye on it".

So, it's not just if it's possible or not, but other factors as well. 

We attach forum discussions along with support cases to the requests as needed so that we can provide updates when applicable. No update doesn't mean it's off the table though.

Our What's New, What's Next page is a good place to keep a pulse on what is on the horizon.

Alicia Blitz

I agree Sarah. Adobe came out with 360 video support over a year ago, and even supports VR creation. While there hasn't been any movement on the Articulate front for this type of support. Even an agile approach, i.e. 360 photo support would be a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, I am considering other options as well. :(

Robert Sanford

What gets me is there is SEVERAL free 360 video and photo viewers and players that are open source that have already built the framework to integrate it into a software application!  The work is pretty much done for Articulate, they just have to validate and test it within their software coding! I used one of the open source platforms and just built my own content around it and use that within my storyline 360 courses as a web object, but it can be viewed offline since I built the viewer and can integrate it into my SCORM output file for my LMS to reference when 360 content is used.  If I can figure out how to make it work without access to articulate source code, I would hope they could implement 360 photo and video support in a timely fashion.

Allen Nation

I was just told by Storyline sales team, they are looking at the market to see what the demand is for 360 photos and video. There is not timeline for implementing into the product. You will have to stay with Captivate to use 360 photos and video in your projects.

I am confused about what market they are looking at. VR is in demand especially in the 30 and younger demographic. The number of new products in the market place and at CES this year adequately demonstrates the trend of using VR environments. We are trying to keep our training revelent and focus on the new work force entering our manufacturing environments.