360 V 3 and outsourcing

Aug 03, 2021

We have a schedule to revamp existing courses but are looking for the best process.  We only have a very limited need for our development of 20 modules (circa 50 questions/tasks etc)  which can be undertaken by 1 - 3 team members. We are looking at an S3 version that can be accessed on one office-based machine Vs a 360 subscription.

Obviously, spending on multiple licences for multiple team members for a one-off project is not cost-effective, and wonder if 360/S3 is the best option?

We are also considering the option of outsourcing some of the dev potentially.  What are the considerations for making assets available and IP etc?   

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Phil Mayor

S3 means you do not have continuing license fees to be able to access the content once your 12 months are up.

However SL 360 has a lot more features now than SL3, accessibility is better, with the modern player the final look and feel is much better.

I think if you outsource some or all of it, you can get templates built and should relieve all of the assets and IP from the developer(s)