4 minute video, when pausing to add text the video base layer jumps to the beginning

Aug 01, 2016

Hi, I'm using a video as my Base Layer. It's about 4 minutes long. Along the timeline, I would like to add additional text and images. I am able to do this, but it's brutal because every time I hit Stop, the video goes to it's first screen. I need it to stop in the area I am trying to edit so that I can place my items in the necessary spot. Can anyone help? 

I've tried: space bar, stopping with the Square button and I've tried clicking the arrow at the top of the timeline.

Thanks, Allison

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Walt Hamilton

I assume you need to see the video so you can place an object on a specific spot on the video, and I find that with update 9 and 10, clicking on the number scale above the timeline moves the video to that point. It may take a second or two, but it usually works.


Otherwise, Wendy's suggestions are what you want.

Allison Sesnon

I can do that, but I can't see where my text or images are going to be placed on the screen given that the video jumps back to the first shot when I try to work with it. I really appreciate your help. Any additional suggestions. It's really the jumping of the screen away from the slide that I need to work with that is causing the issue. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Allison

see if the attached video helps you.  I create the text boxes and leave them offstage, then I play the video using the timeline icons.  I pause the video and it takes a moment for the 'actual scene' to show as Walt described above, I then place my textbox on the timeline at that playhead point.  Continue on for the other text boxes.

Hope this helps.

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