6 Bugs with S360...

I've been working with Storyline 360 for a year now and many small and big bugs are now accumulating.

1) Gifs are not played correctly when a screen is stopped with the Stop button (modern player) or is called a new time later.

2). The audio volume of a video with an audio track is changed during import so that the original audio file, if inserted separately, has a different pitch than the VIdeo. The problem: I have to embed my videos without sound and then use the audio clip to embed the sound into the storyline itself, so that the volume always remains identical.

3) If I jump back inside a screen using the scroll bar, objects that I move using triggers and motion paths are not always displayed at the right place on the screen at the right time. Again modern player.

4) If I manually stop and start audio clips using a trigger, the audio clip continues to run at the point where I left the screen when I later recall it via the menu. I also use the modern player. Solution: I must not stop the audio clips with a trigger and restart them later, but have to embed pauses in the clip itself.

5) The review function via Storyline360 only works semi-well. Some videos and audio are not played synchronously, although according to the timeline they should start at the same time. As soon as I integrate the WBT into an LMS, it works well. So in the future I won't be able to output a WBT to customers via the review function, because I can't be sure that the WBT will be displayed smoothly.

6) Self-made story sizes with videos result in the familiar grey frame below the screens. This is also a very annoying problem that has been around for several months now.

After several large projects with Storyline I have to state: Storyline is a great tool with great functions. However, the program currently has so many bugs that lead to unbelievable extra work during production that Storyline currently costs a lot of time and nerves.

It would be nice if Storyline could bring these bugs under control.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Stefan. I hate that you’re hitting these roadblocks with your projects. I’m going to investigate these scenarios to make sure we have them properly documented. We previously talked about #6 here.

We'll reach out to you via email if we need help with details for testing each of these issues. Thank you for sharing!

Stefan K.

Hi Crystal,

what about issue #3?

I also have problems when, for example, different videos run one after the other and then jump over the timeline to previous points. Then some of the videos don't run correctly, elements are displayed too early and so on. The problems are so manifold that it is difficult to describe them in detail.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stefan! 

We haven't been able to recreate issue #3 in our own testing yet, so I'd love to know more about your set-up. Are you using Storyline 360? Does this slide have any layers?

If you don't mind allowing us to take a peek at your file, that'd be even better! We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting. If that works for you, you can upload your file privately to our support team here. We'll give it a test and let you know what we find!