A couple of ideas for Storyline 360 future updates

I start to work with a courses with complicated logic created by another people. Sometimes it is a problem to understand how all the variables works. So i got 3 ideas how to improve work with a such courses.

1. Ability to on\off variables, without deleting them, like a tracks on a timeline

2. Ability to tag variables somehow (for example by colour. By this you can mark green tested variables for example)

3. Ability to monitor the condition of variables while you making a preview of course. For example in a some kind of overlay. So when you passing from one slide to another you can see current condition of variablre and change of it.    

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Todd Haynes

For #1 and #3, I do that by inserting a layer that displays in the course during testing. If you want this to always display, put in in your Slide Master. The layer displays variables (Insert > Reference). I always put in the label first, such as: varStudentScore = %varStduentScore%. This allows me display multiple variables in the same Text Box/layer and know what variable each is referencing.

In the same layer, you can also include an interaction (i.e. Text Entry), that allows you to manually change the value of your variables. Just note - you might have to visit a slide again in order for that change to be recognized by the slide triggers.