A different way to review quiz

Jun 06, 2013

Hi everyone,

Currently I am working on putting a quiz online. My case is:

1. We use various question formats, such as T/F, multiple choice, short answer, drag-drop, etc.

2. The questions are shuffled.

3. We want the users to be able to review the questions.

4. We don't want the users to have all the questions and answers to print out and share with others.

The default "review quiz" setting provided by Articulate Storyline does not fit with our template and questions format.

Here is another way I came up with the quiz review.

I used the "feedback by question" option. I deleted the right feedback layer and designed a different look for the incorrect layer. It looks like a presenter is explaining to the users. From this way, if the leaners get the answers correct, they will be led to the next questions automatically. Or they will see the immediate feedback on the questions they get wrong.

Attached is a demo of my storyline project. I think it's a good way to review quiz.

Hope you will think it's help.

Thank you

Sophia Xu

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