Bug regarding Post Quiz Review on Hot Spot Questions

Nov 12, 2021

Hello team and Happy Friday!  I am running into a bug on Hot Spot quiz questions.  I do not want to provide feedback when the participant answers the question, but I do want to provide a Post Quiz Review.

The issue that I am running into is that with feedback set to [None], the system is not letting me input anything into the Post Quiz Review section on the Form View to create the review layer.  However, if I change feedback to [By Question], I am now able to input into the Post Quiz Review field, creating the review layer.  This layer then stays if I change the feedback back to [none]

Nothing urgent as I found a workaround :)

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Torrey.

Thank you for reaching out!

The Post Quiz Review is part of the Feedback, so if you select None, that field will be grayed out. You can, however, manually create a layer called Review, which will let you add information to be displayed during the review of the quiz. 

I hope this helps!