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Jun 29, 2017

Hello Team,

I want to know the starting versions of web browsers(Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc), which supports storyline 360 courses.  

And also know about the internet speed to load the course, because it is taking too much time to load page by page. 

We are getting the complaints about the time taking for the course to load page is too much. Always showing the loading symbol.

Reply on this.


Chandrasekhar M.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Chandrasekhar,

That's an excellent question! The browser versions we officially support are the latest versions, but if you're using a version at least as recent as the ones available when Articulate 360 was released, you should be fine. Since you mentioned a few browsers specifically, that would be Chrome 54, Firefox 49, and IE 11. However, we always recommend updating to the latest browser version.  And given that our products and the browsers are constantly evolving, we will officially support the latest browser version, as much of the magic behind Articulate 360’s responsiveness relies on cutting-edge browser technology.

We don't have specific recommendations for internet speed, but we've found that media-rich courses use the most bandwidth. If your learners have a slower connection, you may want to consider making the course available for offline viewing, as long as you don't need to track it within a LMS. 

Ali Goulet

Hey Chandra!

Looks like Alyssa beat me to the punch here, but I just wanted to pop in and share this list of all the browser versions and mobile apps supported for viewing Storyline 360 published courses.

It's super handy to refer to, so you may want to bookmark it for the future!

Let us know if you have any further questions ☺️

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