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I am a newbie at using Articulate Story line but love it! I am struggling to get a detailed report on a quiz that I have created. It has free text and survey questions and I am publishing it as Scorm 1.2, use 'complete/incomplete in the reporting and tracking settings.I am using a test learner to review the quiz and I am able to see that the learner completed the course in the learner activity report but I can't find any report that will actually tell me what the learner entered into the free text boxes, can anyone help?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alexandria. Welcome to the community!

I'm a little confused about the "free text" you're referring to in your post. Are these just data entry fields you've added to the course, or are they a part of a quiz/question slide? 

If the text field isn't part of a quiz or question and it hasn't been set up as something to report, Storyline doesn't see that it needs to be reported. 

Now, with a text field or data entry field, Storyline creates a text variable. Storyline does not report the value of variables to an LMS.  However, you may be to communicate variables to an LMS using the following technique:

Reporting Storyline variables to an LMS

I hope this helps! 

Thanks and welcome again, Alexandria :)