Accesibility Jaws does not read some ALT text on txt boxes

Jun 13, 2013

On slides 11-15 of my presentation the second and third text boxes are not read correctly by Jaws screen reader. They repeat the first text boxes content when I tab to the new text boxes. I've tried to delete them and retype the content with the same outcomes. I've even put alt text on the text boxes and it is not read.

Any help would be appreciated.

I provided the course files and a link below.

Text to look at is on slide 11-15:

Fill in the blanks.  ---- read by jaws as "Check your knowledge graphic"



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Josh.

...a few hints and questions on JAWS:

  • We've seen some buggy behavior from older versions of JAWS.  Can you tell me what version you are using for testing?
  • My understanding is that you'll need to launch JAWS before you launch Internet Explorer or it won't work as expected, and that only the latest version of IE is supported by JAWS.  Are you doing that?
  • I also understand that JAWS will only read the items that are highlighted and won't read anything ahead.
  • We've also seen some buggy behavior with text boxes that contain animation.  Does this apply to your content?

Please let us know if any of this information applies and we'll be happy to do some more digging.  Thanks!

Josh Janikowski

Hello Justin

Thanks for taking time to help out.

Unfortunately none of your bullets apply to my situation.

I'm using a new trial version of Jaws

I'm refreshing IE once jaws opens to get it to read the rest of the Modules content.

I'm tabbing to the text box to have it read it. Same way I tab to other content and Jaws picks it up just fine.

I'm not using any animation on these text boxes.

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