Accessibility problem: slide not read when displayed from a button inside a slide

I have a problem with Storyline 360 (last update), when I display a slide by clicking on a button inside a slide, it does not read the content of the new slide displayed.
This happens on latest Firefox with NVDA, but seems to work on Chrome with this file but I have another example that fails also with Chrome (but can't share it).
If I display the same slide using next button, everything is ok.

I have linked a file for testing.

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Kristin Hatcher

Hi Ludovic, I am having a problem with screen readers as well, although my problem is with JAWS. I'm going to keep an eye on this discussion. 

How are you linking to the other slide? Is it supposed to lightbox, or actually jump to that slide? Is it a whole different slide, or is it a slide layer?

Ren Gomez

Hi Ludovic,

I tested your file using NVDA in both Chrome and Firefox and noticed no difference in the slide content not being read through either the slide button or the next button.

It sounds like you're coming across what's expected, as in February of 2020, we removed the auto-read of the slide content, and you should only hear the slide title referencing.

If you're able to hear any of the slide content, let me know, and I can reach out internally for further testing!

Ludovic M

Here is the problem:

When I press space-bar on "know more" button, it goes on the slide, then nvda says :
slide: know-more1

Then I press down Arrow to navigate into the slide, it says

slide navigation navigation région bouton suivante 

So  it skips the content and reads next button.

When you test does it read First content text and second content text?

Ren Gomez

Hi Ludovic,

Thanks for the follow-up. I've recorded a video of what I experienced using NVDA:

When I used the spacebar to click on the "know more" button, it read as you mentioned:

slide: know-more1

Then, using the down-arrow key, I was able to get to First content text, then second content text, then to the Close button.

If I used the tab key from the start, it would immediately jump to the Close button, as that is the only interactive object on the slide.