Accessible and Player controls

Nov 20, 2023

Hi, I am struggling to determine on what makes the order of the content and player controls.

In the attached SL I have a hotspot that is supposed to be the first highlighted when navigating with the tab key. However always the player controls are first and the user would have to hit the tab 5x to get to the hotspot. How can I change this order?

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Steven Benassi

Hi Iris!

It sounds like you've hit a snag while navigating your Storyline course with the accessibility Tab key. Sorry to hear that, but I'd be happy to help!

Thanks for sharing the sample file! I can confirm that the Hotspot (Sun) is the only object included in the Focus Order.

Testing your file on my end (in Google Chrome) I was able to Tab to the hotspot (Sun) successfully by clicking Tab only once. I produced the same results when testing the behavior in Mozilla Firefox as well. To clarify, can you please share which browser(s) you observed this behavior in?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Iris Schlabitz

Hi Steven,

I am using Microsoft Edge, which is the companies' default. I usually don't observe the bug described above when creating completely new SLs.

The SL I shared was indeed created one year ago and I was revisiting it to make it fully accessible. Strangely most of the older SL files behave in a funny manner though, especially within the states. I have no idea why this happens.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Iris!

Thank you for sharing when this file was created! I'd recommend importing this .story file into a new project and see if you notice different behavior. I've also tested your file in Microsoft Edge and the intial focus in on the Hotspot. The next items are on the player. 

I've created a screen recording to display how I've tested your course using a screen reader to help find which object the intial focus is on. You can view the recording here.

Iris Schlabitz

Hi Lauren!

Thank you for the recording and showing me the behavior of the screenreader. Unfortunately due to our IT regulations it is extremely difficult to install a screenreader, so I have to do without it and trust what is highlighted in yellow when I navigate with the keyboard.

As shown in your recording, the first object does indeed detect the instruction to select the sun to continue, and thereafter it goes to the player navigation. It should however go to the sun second and thereafter to the reader. 

I coped the content to a new SL file, and it behaved the same way: the player navigation is selected before the sun becomes selectable.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Iris!

You are correct. The screen reader in Lauren's recording read the instructions first. Lauren is also right about the initial focus being the sun/hotspot.

In your file, you have a single item in the focus order, as Steven mentioned above:

So, the screen reader is reading the alt text listed for this shape. The confusion is that a text box is "displayed" on the slide with the exact text, but this is not what the screen reader reads.

To have the slide operate by reading the text box and then allowing the learner to tab to the sun, the text box needs to be added back in and moved to the top of the order like this:

I've attached an updated file for you to test. Let us know if you need any additional help.