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Kevin Thompson

It appears that hotspots still cannot be added to the tab order in Storyline 360/3.  Is it then correct to assume that transparent shapes should always be used in place of hotspots when aiming to create an accessible project?

Hotspots are accessible by screen readers in other HTML content.
Is this feature request worthy or is there a technical limitation that makes this impossible?Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

I'm not an accessibility expert - but my understanding was always that since the hotspots are invisible, a user may not know they are there to use the tab key to find them. That's why they aren't included in our accessibility support. You can always use transparent shapes though as a workaround for hotspots.

Kevin Thompson

I've also found that the tab key doesn't bring keyboard focus to hyperlinked text. The text box itself is tabbed to, but not the hyperlink that is part of the text box. Placing a transparent shape over the hyperlinked text (and adding alt-text and link) seems to solve this, but is an added step for accessibility.

Miker (support) is checking with the QA team to see if this is by design or something that can be improved.

My hope is that future updates will allow the inline hyperlinked text to be accessed by the tab key without these additional steps.


Ashley Bueckert

I am experiencing the same issue, Kevin. I am also making an accessible project, and have been burdened by the hotspots not being included in the tab order. Adding an invisible shape works, but it is an extra step - with deadlines, it makes a big difference adding these all over a project! Hopefully Storyline 360 will put include hotspots in the tab order in the near future!

William Beardsley

I'm sorry but am I missing something here? This post suggest that we use transparent shapes (which cannot be seen) but the reason hotspots are not accessible is because they cannot be seen. People using a screen reading cannot see anything on the screen but rather have alt text read to them as they tab to each item. Hotpots do something that cannot be replicated by anything else in Articulate Storyline and that is allow for freehand drawing so that only the required area is cover by the hotspot. Please tell me that you are looking to make hotspots accessible...

Kyle Mackie

Hotspots can’t be tabbed to, so they cannot be selected. If you look at the
Tab Order, they do not show up. Similarity, hyperlinks cannot be navigated
to by assistive devices or keyboard navigation. The “solution” is to create
an invisible shape. It’s a huge issue that’s been around for 4+ years.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Kevin!

I'm happy to report back with an update regarding tabbing to hyperlinks in Storyline 360!

We just shipped Storyline 360 (Build 3.47.23871.0) today, and you'll see that included in this release are many accessibility features. Learners can now tab to hyperlinks in text boxes and activate them by pressing the Enter key. 

Make sure to update Storyline 360 in your Articulate 360 desktop app to check out all bug fixes and features included in this update!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Helen

That was many moons ago...check out this KB article (I haven't read through it completely) but it does say that hotspots are now accessible

Hotspots, drop-down lists, and markers are now keyboard-accessible so learners can activate them without using a mouse.