Accessing the learner's microphone for an e-learning course

Mar 11, 2014

We are designing a course which will teach a language to the learner.  One of the learning activities involves having the learner speak a word or phrase and compare it with the online teacher's pronunciation of the same word or phrase.  To do this, we need to create a way to record the learner's voice with the microphone attached to their computer or mobile device.  We believe this will have to be javascript placed in a Storyline trigger.  Has anyone had an opportunity to include this type of learning activity into a Storyline course?  If so, can you suggest a method to accomplish this activity?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Will!

This thread is a bit dated, so I'm not sure if M is still subscribed here or if they have a solution to share with you. Hopefully others will chime in with suggestions as this is not a built-in feature of the software. I have seen some similar conversations if you look here and here that may be able to assist or get you started.

I look forward to seeing what others are doing and good luck with your project.

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