Acknowledgment a learner has read a document

Sep 12, 2016

Hi everyone, I have been asked if I can create something ...

We need everyone to read a PDF, once done we need them to tick a box to say they have read and understood the PDF.  We need to be able to record who has/has not read the PDF.  I am sure this is super easy, but I do not know how? can anyone please give me the steps? Many thanks in advance Suey x

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Susi B

Hi Suey,

you could transform this slide to a freeform and make a "quiz" out of it. Then you can track this in your result slide. :)

If you don´t have other quiz slides in your course, you can hide the result slide, so only your LMS (like moodle there should be a "passed" behind the course) gets the results and the user can´t see it.



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