Action Fine Tuning freezes Storyline


I have a file that suddenly freezes SL 360 when I try to open the Action Fine Tuning screen. It was working fine until now.

I tried to reduce the size of the file, but now it seems corrupted totally.

My friend couln't open it either.

I have the latest update of 360. On Windows 10, on my Documents, everything is business as usual.

File is attached. Pb started with slide 1.23 so I deleted the recording on this slide but it's the same. Try slide 1.24 for example.

Any help is appreciated as this is an urgent job. Thank you all!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Octo D. Sorry to hear Storyline keeps crashing when using the Action Fine Tuning feature.

I was able to adjust the action fine tuning on slide 1.24 without any issues. Here's a screen recording of that process. 

We want this working well on your side, too, so let's start with a simple repair. Try these steps, then reopen your project file. Let me know if you see a difference!

Carmen Jenkins

The same thing is happening to me. The file was working just fine for several days, then yesterday it started to freeze every time I try to open Action Fine Tuning. I tried the steps above and it didn't help. I can't finish up this project without action fine tuning the last few slides, so it's been very frustrating. Any other suggestions?

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Carmen!

That does sound frustrating, and I'm so glad you reached out for help. Since you went through the repair steps already, this is an excellent opportunity for our Support team to investigate further!

I opened a case with them where you should receive an email with some new approaches shortly. Look out for an email from!

Ren Gomez

Hi Leo,

Thanks for reaching out! Whenever possible, we try our best to share helpful tips and information from cases that will benefit other community members.

In this scenario, both case results were unique to each user and were best served by our support engineers. If you're running into similar issues, feel free to reach out to our support team. They're available 24/7 and happy to help!