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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rex and welcome to Heroes!

There isn't a way to add a tick mark to the Storyline player menu, but you may want to look at using the Storyline SDK to customize your own menu. The options for customizing the current menu are detailed here, and there is not currently a way to adjust the overall font size - although it's a great feature request that I'd suggest you share with our product development team. 

In regards to the user navigating throughout the entire course, your options for the menu would be to lock or restrict the navigation, and both those are described within the tutorial linked above, and I copied the relevant part below: 

  • Restricted: This means learners can view the current slide and any slide they've previously viewed, but they can't use the menu to jump ahead or skip over slides.
  • Locked: This means learners can only view the slides in the order you've designed. They can't use the menu to jump ahead or skip over slides, nor can they use it to skip back to any previously viewed slides.

Keep in mind that if you use Locked or Restricted navigation, this only affects your learners' ability to click on menu items to navigate. If your slides include a Previous or Next button, users will still be able to click those to move forward and backward in your course at will. To prevent that, there are a few things you can do:

  • One approach is to remove the Previous and/or Next buttons from specific slides by changing the Slide Properties. Then, either make the slide advance automatically (which you can also do in the Slide Properties), or create your own Previous and/or Next buttons and use the Timeline to delay the buttons' appearance until the slide is finished playing.
  • Another approach is to add a condition to the Next button's trigger, so that the button works only if a specific condition is met (such as the slide timeline ending). For more on how to add conditions to your triggers, see this tutorial.

Hope that helps!