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Aug 07, 2013


I was wondering if there is a way for users to write an answer to quiz questions. For example, when taking the quiz users will only be able to select 'yes' or 'no'. If they select 'no' they will need to explain why they selected 'no'.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the community.

There may be other ways - and better - ways to do this, but I used a Freeform Pick one quiz.

Base Layer
I inserted a text box with the statement.
I inserted two option buttons and added "yes" to one and "no" to the other.

Incorrect Layer
I inserted a Data Entry: Insert >Data Entry (on the Interactive Objects group), Text Entry.
I dragged the crosshair to create the box.
I edited the text in the box to say Explain why you chose...

Continue Button Triggers

Since Learners can go ahead and hit the continue button without entering their answer, I modified the hide layer and jump to the next slide triggers on the continue button to this:

Action: hide layer
Layer: this layer
When: user clicks
Object: Continue

On condition: TextEntry is not equal to (ignore case) Value ... and leave value blank

Do the same for the jump to next slide trigger

Since Learners won't understand why clicking continue isn't working I inserted a Caption on the incorrect layer that prompts them to answer the question. The caption is initially set to hidden. Now I added another trigger to the continue button to

action: change state of

object: caption

to state: normal

When: user clicks

Object: continue

on condition: TextEntry = (ignore case) Value ... and leave value blank

Caption Triggers

So that the caption will disappear when Learners click in the text entry there's another trigger that

action: change state of

object: caption

to state: hidden

When: user clicks

Object:Text Entry

This is very bare bones, and I'd clean it up...repositioning things and of course changing colors, etc. But at least I thought it might get you started...and perhaps start a conversation where someone may have a better solution!

Please shout out with any questions!

Jeffrey Riley

I like this idea. My question is, where will the learner's response go? Will someone know what they typed in and what will that do?

Will the learner receive any feedback on their response? I like the idea of having a response, but I would want it to go someplace so that either the person taking the course can see or a supervisor could see for feedback. Is the learner's answer going to help them in some way?

I would name the text entry so I could use it again later and show the learner how they responded and either compare it to an existing answer or as a review of their quiz answers.

I like the idea of letting learners give their own thoughts and responses to a course. This will be a great idea to experiment with and see what type of output we can have. Can these be printed for the learner's review or a manager? I will do some research on the forum to see if anyone has done any of this before.

Thanks for bringing this up.

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