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Tara Richardson

Leslie, If I may pick your brain about variables with another question. If I apply a +1 to an item when it is clicked, can the learner just keep clicking it and continue to add +1 to the variable? That's not what I'd like to have happen, but if they return to the lesson ... hmmm. Could you provide any insight or direct me on this? Thanks again. 

Tara Richardson

I would like to accumulate clicks in a scene as proof the learner has gone through the materials. I thought a variable would be a good way to trigger a completion icon. However, I'm unsure how to control the variable if it spans across multiple items to click. I can set a condition on specfic variables, but that would end up being up to 10 maybe more variables per scene. Initially I was thinking one variable per scene, add 1 per clickable item as the learner goes through the scene, then when the learner returns to the home slide the completion icon shows if the variable = 10 (for example). 

Since high school students are the learners, they'll soon figure out they just have to click various items, maybe the same one multiple times, return to the home page to get their completion icon to show up. 

Any ideas are appreciated. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Tara,

The problem with having a single variable that counts the clicks is that, as you have already figured, it allows the user to multiple-click a single item in order to get a completion certificate.

The only way I can see to get round this is to use separate variables for each clickable item.

In the attached example I have allocated a variable to each button. Once all five variables are True, a message appears to advise you that all five buttons have been clicked. When a button is clicked, it not only changes the variable from False to True, but it also jumps to the start of the slide so that it resets the timeline. This way it can check if all the variables are true when the timeline starts.

I'm sure there must be a neater solution, but this is the best I can come up with after midnight ! :)