Adding a layer that appears at the end of a drop and drag activity

Hi everyone, apologies, I'm not sure if I should be posting here, and apologies also for asking some really basic questions, but I'm a complete novice with storyline and I'm struggling to get to grips with this software. I've created a slide where the user drags & drops photos of some activities taking place in a catering kitchen, on to a female character & her shopping bag. Once this is done I want some text to appear about food safety after the drag & drop exercise has completed. I've created a layer for the food safety text ( food safety layer 1 ),  but I cant get it to appear once the drag & drop is complete. Also are you able to embed text in to a photo ,so that when you drag the photo, the text stays with it ?Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong please ? 

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Donna Morvan

Hello Altan,

This was a rather weird one for me but it works now. I just had to do it the long way.

I added 4 variables that monitor the status of the pictures and followed your requirement that when they are all in the hidden state, it will show the layer when they click Next.

As far as embedding text onto a photo - are you looking to embed it permanently? Or when something is triggered? You may want to look into adding custom states to a photo. 

With custom states -  you can create a state where the photo will have the text embedded on it and then just set a trigger that will change to that state.

Hope this helps!



Altan Ahmet

Hi Donna, this is very helpful. I would never have been able to work that one out !

As for the text in each photo, it is something I want embedded from the outset and to remain there, so that it stays with the picture as you drag & drop.  I think I must be missing something very basic here !

I really appreciate your help, and I'll go away and read up a bit more on variables.

Donna Morvan

If you want text on the picture, there are a lot of photo editing software applications that allow you to do that...or you can, in storyline, add a textbox on top of the photo. Group them together (right-click option) after which you can save it as a photo (another right-click option). You can then use the newly created photo file with the text as your drag object.

let me know if this works for you. Good luck!

Walt Hamilton


If you are looking for the easy way, you want to start with a text box. Place the text, then right click the box and choose  Format Shape-> Picture or texture fill -> insert from file.  Choose your  photo, and it will show up as a background to the text.

There are dozens of ways to do this, including using photo editing software to make text on the photo, placing a textbox and grouping it with the photo, etc., etc. but none that are easier. This way also allows you complete control over the text, as it is still always a text box, and you cna always insert a new photo background.