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Troy Ashman

This feature request is seriously overdue! I’ve tried to do this myself through some coding in the story.html file and some other execute JavaScript tutorials I’ve seen, but all render useless as it appears the browsers continue to release updates. Please add this feature to Storyline! 🙏🙏🙏

Jerry Beaucaire

FYI,  the workaround I'm using to moderate success for background audio across multiple slides... I actually have the audio playing on the base layer of a slide, then I build numerous layers above.  The music is looping forever, so i can just keep adding layers, each with their own background images, narrations and object content.   Tough to navigate, but it works.

The BIG downside of the result is that all those layers cannot be navigated with the left MENU, so I mostly turn it off, or design my stuff in "chapters".

Tip of the day.

Jerry Beaucaire

Pretty sure my layer idea solves this for you.

Check out this related topic, I've attached a sample .story file and the second slide in the sample is exactly what you're talking about.  Ongoing long audio in the base, then each layer showing above it is a narrated concept.  Music just keeps going, you have control of each layer as if it were a slide.

This has the benefit working now, not having to wait for Articulate to put the "audio across multiple slides" feature in we've all been begging for years.  ;)