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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Judith, you can record your audio directly in Storyline or you can use a third party tool like Audacity to record the audio and then import it into the slides that you want to have audio.

To record the audio using Storyline, you to the first try it screen that you want to contain audio. If you only want the audio on the hint or feedback layers - go to the layer that will have the audio.

Click the Sound icon on the top menu and then select Record Mic..  You can then record the audio for the slide you are one. When you save it, Storylien will insert the audio into the timeline for the slide or layer you are one. You can then move it around on the time line as required.

Note that you can only record for one slide at a time. If you are using something like Audacity, you can only import audio for one slide at a time.