audio separate from video

I want to record my audio separately from my video in storyline.  Is there any way to be able to do this, i.e. playing video in storyline and recording the audio for it.  Then I would add them both to the same slide and then basically try to sync the audio to the video.  I want to do this so that I am able to edit the audio separately from the video.

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Chris Wallace

I had not thought of using Audacity, but I did figure I could record the video separately using a desktop recording and then narrating it with the Storyline audio recorder.  I have been trying to run the video separately (before importing) and record the audio with Storyline.  When I have the audio done, I will just import the video and then try to sync the two up.  Not sure how well this will work yet, but it looks promising.

Using Audacity may be a good idea also.  That way I will have separate audio and video files that I can edit outside of Storyline if I need to.  Thanks for the idea.  

I was just hoping there was a way to do it all in Storyline, with separate files that I could be running (editing) at the same time.  It seems like when you pick one of the items in the program, if you are doing something with one of the other items, it stops it.