Inserted video will not play in browser

Dec 11, 2012

I have created a Storyline and have inserted a mp4 video.  I'm able to publish the storyline and upload it to my server.  Everything works fine.  But when I come to the video it doesn't play.  No audio or's like the video is frozen on the first frame.   This is what I've tried so far;

- convert video to mov format

- try to play in different browsers

- check my video options in Storyline to make sure "automatically play video" is selected.  

- re-publishing project 

- separate video and audio and then insert into Storyline separately.

None of these have resolved the problem.

The video will play if I open the Storyline.html file directly from the output folder.  Any suggestions?

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CaroLyn Jimenez

Peter, I have a similar but slightly different problem, I think.

I am publishing a Storyline course with three screencasts to a local fileserver. I can view the screencasts in Chrome but not Firefox and IE.

Having reviewed this article, I published for CD but the screencasts are still not playing in the other browsers. No error messages, but I do see a progress bar moving with the play/pause button I've configured the player to show. 

Any further smart suggestions you could share? Thanks in advance!

CaroLyn Jimenez

Thanks to VIra at Articulate Support, the problem is solved. Apparently Flash content does not play well when served from a file server. It's better to serve locally or off a web server:

Chrome uses its own Flash player, thus doesn't have this problem.

I've put the course on our SharePoint server and the screencasts are playing fine now. 


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