Adding documents to scroll bar in Storyline

Nov 15, 2012


If I have a two/three page document in word that I want to display in scroll bar in Storyline, can you tell me the process for getting it into an 'object'. If I do a screen capture how do I get two pages so that it will display in a readable size, quality? Also, do I then need to save it as an image?

I'm working out if I will be able to use Storyline for a future project.



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Geert De Rycke

Hi Susan,

I do not think it is possible to do this in a scroll panel; furthermore if it was possible, panels only allow vertical scrolling.

I have quite a lot of documents that I need to reference in my courses. And what I usually do is to have them in the resources part of Articulate or have buttons linking to them.

The documents will be included in your story-output file and will be opened with their appropriate application. What I also do is I convert the Word-files into PDF, so nobody can start messing around with them



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