Adding feedback to drag and drop without submit button or player

Jun 25, 2012

I have a drag and drop situation where after the items are placed (items snap back if incorrect) I want a feedback layer to show up. My course has no player. All nav buttons are custom. I also want the "NEXT BUTTON" to show up along with the feedback.

Any ideas??

(It isn't a quiz. )

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Nancy Woinoski

I've attached a sample story that might give you some ideas.

I have this set up so that when the user gets it right - the state on the correct drop area changes to show a checkmark. - this example shows how you can use States to provide the feedback.

If the user gets it wrong - i have a trigger that jumps to a "feedback layer" that shows the user the correct answer.

Magda Diaz

As promised, I am posting my solution.

In order to get the feedback layer to show up after all items were dragged and dropped correctly, I had to create a second state for each of them (drop correct) and then create another slide trigger which waited until all item states had changed to "drop correct" which then popped up the feedback layer.

Thanks for your help.

Jennifer Brown

Thank YOU.  Every time I talk to people new to instructional development tools, I always have to mention just how useful the Articulate site is in general, and how robust and helpful the community is as well. That doesn't happen without you and other Articulate staff taking the time and effort to maintain it (and build the great relationships you have with the eLearning community in general).

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