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Hello All,

I am using storyline to make embedded tutorials for users of a new software. Essentially, if they do not know how to use a specific function, they can view the tutorial and it walks them through it step-by-step. We are not using narration at the moment and would like to add brief that explains what they are viewing before the recording begins. For example, if they are updating personal details the video would say "updating personal details" and then flow into the recording on the same slide. I have not found a way to do this, no luck using slide layers and was wondering if anyone has tried anything similiar.


Appreciate the help!



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Emily Ruby

Hello Ariana, and welcome to Heroes!

If I am understanding this correctly, you want a short audio clip to play, then the video to start right after? You could play the audio file when the timeline starts, then use a trigger  play media, the video, when the audio media completes. Make sure when you insert the video, you select to play "by trigger" in the Video tools options.

Let me know if this is not what you are looking for.


Ariana Shaffer

Thank you for the response! Not sure if my issue was clear. But I have a
slide titled "updating summary" that I would like to play right before a
video recording, as an intro into what the user is about to view. I have
not been able to find a way to have the slide appear and then the video
play immediately following. They keep appearing as two different slides and
I want to merge them into one. Any ideas on how to change this?

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Kevin Thorn

What Emily said. Also, in your post you mentioned you're not using audio narration rather starting with a small brief. 

Another option and one I've used several times in the past:

  • Place your video on the main slide as you would normally. Media starts automatically is fine (will explain in a bit).
  • Add a layer. On this layer add your brief explanation/instructions. Be sure to create a button to close the layer with its respective trigger.
  • Back on the main slide, add a trigger "Show Layer1 when the timeline starts"

The behavior here will launch the Layer first when the slide loads. Since the base timeline is not moving while the layer is shown, the video won't play (in theory). To ensure the video doesn't play, follow Emily's suggesting and set the video to start on a Trigger. Then add an additional trigger on the Layer's close button to play media (video).

I like this setup because it separates instructional/information text away from the video. With onscreen text still present when a video plays not only is distracting, but can also be a challenge visually to balance the screen. The above approach allows the video to be the center of attention without distraction.

Hope this helps!