Adding meta tag to story.html


We have had issues with web objects not loading when viewing in IE 10 running in compatibility mode. One of our developers got around the issue by preventing IE from running in compatibility mode. It's a single line added to the story.html file:

"<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">"

This means that I need to remember to open the file and edit it any time I publish it. Is there a way to add this somehow in Storyline so it is always included when published?



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Terry Bell

Hi Mark,

Sorry, but I haven't looked at this in a while - we never did find a different solution, so I have just set up a macro in my text editor to make this change an a few other tweaks with a single click.  

Maybe with the new activity on this thread someone else will pipe in with a solution.


Rachel Crabtree

Ah - I thought maybe there was some additional code required to make everything perform properly.  We are having a similar issue to what you described - however all the new Storyline courses come standard with IE=Edge meta tag.  However it doesn't override our java server page, which unfortunately is directing browsers at much lower doctype level.  Thanks so much for helping me in my needle in a haystack search for solutions :)