Additional 2nd scroll bar appears on scrolling text input box


I've created a text input within a scrolling panel which seems to work fine. In testing, I entered a bunch of line returns within the box to see how it would behave (b/c some learner will do this :). After a certain number of returns, a 2nd scroll bar appears alongside the initial panel scrollbar, and the output from the box is scaled down significantly in font size. I'm attaching 2 screenshots to demo what I mean. I can see where this behavior makes sense, but I would not like it to happen. Any input welcome!



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Kevin Thorn

Odd. Only thing I can tell from your screengrab image, Caryn is it appears you have a data entry object inside a scrolling panel. 

Which is fine but appears there's not enough real estate (vertical px) to allow for the data entry box. Just an assumption without seeing the .story file, though.

Caryn Carman

Dear Leslie & Kevin,

Thanks so much for your replies. I have been offline for a few days but am now uploading the 2 slides in an excerpted story file. I'm sure it has something to do with the text box (data entry) dimensions, but not sure of the best solution.

Again, thanks so much for your input!


Kevin Thorn

Hi Caryn,

I was able to replicate the issue of the double scroll bar. I could hit the return key 9-10 times that initiated the second scrollbar (for that data entry text box).

There are two scrollbars: One for the scrollpanel itself, and one that's created when the number of lines in the data entry object exceed it's available space (height in px).

To test, I increased the first data entry text object to a height of 350px - almost the same space to the bottom of the screen. Your data entry text box is 156px so as soon as the number of lines exceeds that height, the second scrollbar appears.

Solution: There's no current way to solve this with the two built-in objects you're working with - scrollpanel object and multiple data entry objects.

However, I'd suggest a slight design change. This appears to be a practice in procedural steps so perhaps separating each step as their own entry point (slide) would give you the full screen (iPad graphic). The chances of someone writing that much content is minimized. May still happen but the risk is less. 

The last slide for comparison shouldn't be affected as each of the data entry text variables will auto fill and create a scrollbar as needed depending on learner entry. You'll need to test to be sure.

Summary: This is not a Storyline issue or bug. It can be a feature request on better object management when combining multiple instances of scrollbars, though. In your case, I'd recommend rethinking the design and build *to* the limitations of Storyline. 

Not the solution you were hoping for, but hope this helps some.