Feb 21, 2014


I've recommended Articulate to use for various educational organisations that I've worked on contracts with. One of the organisation's got half way through a project and decided against using Articulate. They wanted Articulate to display within Moodle (embed) on an ipad and the organisation that was hosting Moodle said that it would  take a lot of resources for them to get it to display in this way. Can you direct me to any up-to-date info about the issues with using Articulate within Moodle on ipad/mobile devices.What does/doesn't work? I still think it's a great piece of software to use and I want to be able to recommend it in future projects but need to let them know about any limitations. Thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan,

This issue has been discussed a lot recently in regards to LMS's (including Moodle) who are cutting off content, but Justin shared a great answer in this thread (on the 3rd page) linking to a few other discussions and I've heard that the newest version of Moodle allows for everything to display correctly. 

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