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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Juanjo,

I haven't heard of a specific issue about iOS7 and the iPhone 5 yet, and unfortunately I don't have an iPhone 5 (yet!) or else I'd test for you. I'm not sure if our Support team has the functionality to test this, but you're welcome to connect with them. Otherwise, hopefully someone else in the community can assist you here! 

Juanjo Haro

Hi, Ashley...

On IOS7, iphone 5, safari the content will not fit the window, exceeding the limits and making imposible to use the course.

On Chrome, the content still not fit the windows but i can see the controls and the course seems to work. All of this directly from url... in moodle seems to be imposible to fix the content in this platform.

I will submit a case to alert from this issue

Thanks, A.!!!!