Align Keyboard Shortcuts?

Sep 13, 2018

Howdy! As I'm sure many do, I use the Arrange and Align tools all the time.  It's been a minute since I last used Storyline, but I'm almost certain the Align functions were under one menu once upon a time.  This was super helpful because I would put it in my Quick Access toolbar and it was two key-strokes for any Align function.  

Now it looks like they are all separated which is awesome for people using their cursor as it's one less click, but frowny face for the keyboard shortcut crew.  

So all that verbal processing to say, I'm wondering if there's an easy and logical way to use the Align functions via keyboard shortcuts.  I liked the single menu in Quick Access because "H" was horizontal distribute, "M" was align middle, "T" was top, and so on.  I can add a separate quick access shortcut for each function, but it loses that letter-association and my fluffy panda brain isn't so good with the numbers and remembering.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi, Adam! Welcome back to using Storyline. 😀

I took a look at Storyline 2 and Storyline 360, and the Align and Arrange buttons appear in the same spot. 

I could still add both to the quick access toolbar though. Could you let me know what version of Storyline you're using?  You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline".

Also, let me know if you're not seeing the options add to the toolbar. 

Adam McCash

Hi Ashley.  Thank you for responding!  I did not realize there was another Arrange menu in the Home ribbon.  I was just look at the Drawing Tools ribbon.

I tried adding that Arrange menu you referenced to the Quick Access toolbar, however it will not let me use keyboard shortcuts to access the Align sub-menu.  To clarify, my main concern is aligning objects either together or on the canvas.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  

Crystal Horn

Hi Adam.  Thanks so much for clarifying.  Put your fluffy panda brain to rest - I think we identified a broken element on our end.  Cue the warrior programmer brain!

In all seriousness, my team and I found that the Position Objects submenu of the Arrange quick access tool is not accessible by keyboard shortcut.  Group and Order functions seem to work fine, however.  I'm getting this documented for our team to investigate fixes.

I'm sorry if this is slowing you down.  I have another teammate who lives and breathes by keyboard shortcuts, so I know how much more efficient it can be to keep your fingers on the board.  I'll update this discussion with any new information!

The only workaround is to physically click the Align, Rotate or Size submenu, and lo, their submenus are accessible via keyboard.  Thanks again for helping us identify a place to improve!

Jose Tansengco

Hello All!

I have great news to share! We are no longer seeing issues with the keyboard shortcuts not working from the Quick Access Toolbar.

To make sure your software is up-to-date, please launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and select the Update button next to Storyline 360. I've included our step-by-step instructions here!