All our storyline 360 files are crashing!

Feb 07, 2018

We have installed Storyline 360 multiple times on stand-alone laptops. We are saving our files to the laptops' hard drives. Still, all our storyline files are crashing and getting corrupted. This has affected 9 videos, and we are sick and tired of this happening. We can't preview or publish our files. When I work in Captivate, these  disasters NEVER happen.

Please take a look at my file and see if you can get it to preview or publish.—Thanks.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Janet,

I'm really sorry to hear that your files are crashing/becoming corrupt. We're committed to help keep our users' files safe and sound, so we're here to work with you on this.

I see my colleague, Ryan, is working with you in case 01255877 – where he outlined all of his testing notes. Are you able to see if following these steps helps fix the issue?

Ryan and I will be standing by!

Janet Guastavino

We have already followed all the steps outlined for Windows 10 Storyline
360 installations.
I am working painstakingly through scene 3, methodically rebuilding the
slides from a new scene I captured. As you can imagine, it's only 2 hours
into the process, and I am not even a quarter of a way through all the
steps necessary to repair the damage. This will be my fourth attempt to
repair this file, reshooting, rebuilding, creating new files from the older
slides,and so forth. Do I think Ryan's suggestion to recapture slides 3.16
through 3.29 will fix the problem, as I've lost 41 slides due to
corruption, and they have been in scenes 2, 3, and 4—well, not so much. But
I'll give it a try, which I estimate will take some 6 hours to complete.
Thanks for reaching out.

Janet Guastavino

Dear Katie,
I took Ryan's advice and re-recorded and reconstructed.Scene 3. It took
five-and-a-quarter hours, which is time I could have spent doing other
productive tasks. Both I and my fellow Storyline user have wasted countless
hours re-doing Storyline files that have crashed and become corrupted. I am
glad Ryan's suggestion resulted in a non-corrupt version of the video, but
must confess that I am very disappointed in the overall time wasted working
with Storyline. We have contacted Articulate several times, requesting
assistance with this ongoing problem, but nothing—installing .NET
Framework, reinstalling Articulate software, saving only to the laptop hard
drive—has worked. Storyline continues to crash on us, resulting in
corrupted files. If you have further suggestions as to what may be causing
these problems, please share them with me, and I will pass them on to our
team and our tech support.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

Again, I'm truly sorry you ran into such issues and have had constant crashing with Storyline. I saw Ryan reached out to pull some error logs as well, and if you're able to continue working with him to share that information it'll help us figure out why this keeps happening to you and your colleagues.

It's not the behavior we'd expect, so those error logs are likely the key to why this keeps happening to you.  

Let me know if you need anything else, and I'll let Ryan know you reached out again here. 

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