Problems with Articulate Storyline and iOS 9 on an iPad via LMS

Feb 09, 2016

Good morning E-learning Heroes

My team and I have an ongoing problem with our Articulate Storyline 2 files and their compatibility with iOS 9 and our laptops.  Until our laptops were updated to iOS 9, our Storyline 2 projects worked perfectly fine.  However, iOS 9 prevents the files from launching.  I recently installed the Storyline 7 updates meant to address these compatibility issues, but they did not mitigate the problem.  

The files are launched from our LMS onto a laptop via Safari - all of which worked perfectly until we began using iOS 9.  Can someone please provide a little assistance with this issue? 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Cynthia -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! 

May I ask if you've taken a look at this article for instances when Articulate Storyline 2 Content Won't Launch in the Articulate Mobile Player on iOS 9 Devices? Please let us know if issues persist after you run through the information there and we'll see what more we can do to assist! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cynthia -- Thanks so much for your response! As you can see in this great reply over here by Matthew Bibby, "amplaunch.html is used when launching the module in Articulate Mobile Player. This will only be present in the published output if you are publishing for AMP." Does that answer your question? Please check out information in the link provided and let me know if there is anything further that you need. :)

Christie Pollick

Hello again, Cynthia -- My apologies, but I spoke too soon with my offer to set you up in a Support Case. It appears as though we have a number of individuals in our system named Cynthia Abbott. So, unfortunately, I cannot tell from your description on your Profile which one may be you, and I'll need to ask if you can please use this form to submit a case. I'll be on the lookout to monitor their suggestions, as well! :)

Cathy DeBurro

I did, Christie -- I'm still having issues.  I have published my lessons for LMS viewing using the setting to;  INCLUDE HTML 5 Output (checked). I do not want users viewing via AMP, so that is unchecked.  I have republished the lessons, and cleared the history.

4 lessons have been published (SCORM files) to the LMS with exactly the same settings.

I am able to view all 4 of these lessons via my iPhone (OS version 8.x), my Android (OS version 5.x) but only 2 of them are viewable from my iPAD (OS version 9.x).  The other 2 error out.

1 of them is a lesson based on slides with audio, text, images, and animation using Storyline 2. I am getting a 404 Error - (via Google on iPAD)

or from Safari - 

“Cannot Open Page

Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”

The other lesson is nothing more than an mp4 file inserted onto a slide.  The same error occurs as above on Safari.

From Google;

"Error - Unable to acquire LMS API, content may not play properly and results may not be recorded....Press okay to view debug information...."

Of course I press Okay to view debug info - and it won't provide .... if I hit cancel, I'm able to view the material, but am wondering why I am getting these issues on 2 of the 4 lessons?  I am not sure that it is tracking properly by doing this.

The 2 lessons that work on Safari and Google are simply mp4 files inserted on a slide.

Any ideas?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cathy -- Thanks for your reply and for the additional details! With respects to the "Safari Cannot Open Page" message you are receiving, I thought I'd pass along this post to hopefully shed a bit more light. And regarding the "Error - Unable to acquire LMS API..." message, please see here for more info. and suggestions. 

If issues persist, we may need to take a look at your files to assist you further. Please let us know! 

Cathy DeBurro


The first link you provided - I had reviewed already - but it requires the use of the AMP....that goes against using the LMS, doesn't it??  I can't do that if it does, we need to keep tracking and reporting within the LMS.  

2nd link - states that the resolution is to keep the 'Launch in new window' unchecked.  That is the current state set for all of the lessons and 2 out of 4 still don't work. Odd, I know.

I want to email you with both story .zip files in question so that you can look at them, as I think you will ask for them next, but I don't have your email...? 

Thanks, Christie!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cathy -- Thanks for your reply, however, I just did a search for your ticket in our system and did not find one when I typed in "Cathy DeBurro". Would it be possible for you to share your case number, please? You should have received a confirmation email just after your ticket was submitted, and what I will need is the number from that message. 

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