Allow user to seek back a video


We have to create a compliance course within storyline 2 and are seeking for solutions on order to allow user to seek back to certain section of the video but we don't want them to be able to seek forward. Also, we don't want users to move to the next slide until all video have been seen. The video was added via upload video from file, it is an MP4.

We have tried restricting the seek bar in the player but that also restrict users from moving backward.

Any solutions?

Many thanks in advance

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Alexandra and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 

Thanks for the clarification on the type of video that you are utilizing. Adding the video then uses the slide seekbar within the course. The seekbar can certainly be set to read only so that the user cannot skip forward, but of course this affects the ability to scrub back as well.

Hopefully someone in the community that has some experience with a custom seekbar will be able to chime in and assist you here.